Certain Types of Men

As a guy, I feel qualified to talk about men and their habits. Today, I want to discuss the topic of men who hate women and it’s not a fun one.

Sadly, a lot of guys hate women and in many cases, they don’t have very good reasons. I know a lot of haters and in many cases they dislike women because they were hurt by girls at various ages.

But, I’m not going to judge these guys too harshly. In many ways, they feel this way simply because they were hurt. And, when you’re hurt, especially a lot, you sometimes lash out in ways that aren’t terribly rational.

The article I linked to in the first paragraph talks about the different ways that men hate women. It explains why they’re not always bad people and haters.

Still, I think men who hate women are messed up. It’s important to treat a woman with respect without putting her on a giant pedestal. That balance really is important.

I believe a lot of guys dislike women because they actually view them as superior. And, when you view a whole group of people as superior and they disappoint you, you’re bound to be resentful.

Also, some guys love women so much then they can’t have them, they feel a sense of jealousy and resentment. I feel bad for these guys, but they really need to look into the science of attraction and study it a little more.

Hopefully, this little rant is helpful for anyone looking to meet women or dealing with a guy who seems to hate women.

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