The Power of Retin A

old-woman-wrinklesI’m not getting any younger. Who of us is really? However, I’m at the age when wrinkles start appearing in higher amounts than normal. And, as someone who thinks young and is health conscious, I’m not about to take it lying down!

Fortunately, there is a solution to wrinkle issues, at least fine wrinkles. ¬†When it comes to retin a wrinkles don’t have a chance. It gets in the skin and creates greater collagen production. The decrease in collagen is a real problem with the creation of wrinkles and aging.

Sadly, you can’t just go in a store and buy retin a. It actually requires a prescription from a doctor. It’s also fairly expensive (around 50 dollars for a month supply). But, if you conserve and make it last, the fifty dollars could last you a few months.

Another downside of Retin A is that it dries out the skin. But, add a little extra moisturizing lotion to your daily routine and it’ll be fine.

Overall, I’ve had good results with Retin A and highly recommend it to anyone wanting a fairly inexpensive solution to skin problems. It sure beats botox and going under the knife. It’s also relatively inexpensive compared to those solutions.

So, call your doctor and get it today, if you want to lose the finer lines and wrinkles.

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