Life Can Be A Risk

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We all have comfort zones whether we can to admit it or not. I met a girl awhile back who refused to date a guy she really liked because he was a few years older. Keep in mind, she absolutely loved him but couldn’t handle something that wasn’t outside of her comfort zone!

You probably find that taking risks in life isn’t easy. In fact, it can be very, very tough. Our brains are wired to be very safe and bland. It’s called survival. But, over time, we get into ruts and patterns that are very unhelpful and lead to depression. But, fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Believe it or not, our lives can be a risk. Not a bad “lose a limb” type of risk, but a good, live life to the fullest type of risk. Taking risks in life can really be fun and make life all that much more meaningful.

Start to change your mindset today. Go out and vow to take a good risk or more each day. Start slowly. Maybe it can be talking to a person you always see at the gym but never talk to. Then, move up to greater risks with greater rewards. Maybe start that business or go on that first date with the person you really like.

What is important is that you go out and find ways to make life less bland. Risks are painful at first, but the rewards can be great. Go out and live a full life! It’s more fun, you’ll meet cooler people, and it makes everyday an adventure.

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