New Year’s Inspiration

It’s 2014. I know I haven’t done much with this blog and that’s intentional. But, I thought I would say a few words about the new year, especially about resolutions and other thoughts.

First, whatever you might think about making resolutions, they’re actually not a terrible thing on a general level. Are they cliched? Sure. But, the new year is as good a time as any to focus on self improvement. Do it all year long yes. But what’s wrong with the new year?

Always focus on the positive too. Don’t try to lose weight. Be healthy and your best self. Don’t just quit smoking. Have lungs that breathe clearly. I can quote a lot of people who have focused on the positive in life and been successful.

Now here’s where the inspiration part comes in. I want to share some famous quotes that you might enjoy. Life can be difficult and sometimes we need inspiration. Here are some famous quotes about life that I hope you can enjoy.

Let these famous quotes motivate you to greater things, especially finding your own way of happiness and passion. Don’t let 2014 go down as a bad year for your life. Instead, let it be a great year where you set goals and reach them.

So, be inspired this 2014. Have a great time. Find meaning. Let life be wonderful for you and your family members. God bless you in 2014.

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Certain Types of Men

As a guy, I feel qualified to talk about men and their habits. Today, I want to discuss the topic of men who hate women and it’s not a fun one.

Sadly, a lot of guys hate women and in many cases, they don’t have very good reasons. I know a lot of haters and in many cases they dislike women because they were hurt by girls at various ages.

But, I’m not going to judge these guys too harshly. In many ways, they feel this way simply because they were hurt. And, when you’re hurt, especially a lot, you sometimes lash out in ways that aren’t terribly rational.

The article I linked to in the first paragraph talks about the different ways that men hate women. It explains why they’re not always bad people and haters.

Still, I think men who hate women are messed up. It’s important to treat a woman with respect without putting her on a giant pedestal. That balance really is important.

I believe a lot of guys dislike women because they actually view them as superior. And, when you view a whole group of people as superior and they disappoint you, you’re bound to be resentful.

Also, some guys love women so much then they can’t have them, they feel a sense of jealousy and resentment. I feel bad for these guys, but they really need to look into the science of attraction and study it a little more.

Hopefully, this little rant is helpful for anyone looking to meet women or dealing with a guy who seems to hate women.

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Where Are the Good People?

Sometimes it can feel like there aren’t any good people in the world. I look at the Boston marathon bombing and other events. But, it even happens close to home. For example, in the town where I live, a young woman was recently beaten to death.

It was really tragic. She was a young mother and was beaten to death. Basically it was a fight of several people that turned into a beating once she was down. Now the child doesn’t have a mother and she is dead. Was she perfect, no? But, then again no one is.

However, there is a lot of good in the world. I see it every single day. And there are a lot of good people. We all have flaws. However, I see people everyday who are trying to be better and make the lives of others better.

Today try to go out and make the lives of others better and more blessed. Make that your goal. Don’t ask where are the good people. Instead, strive to be one of those good people. In fact, try to be one of the best people. The world will absolutely need more like that!

God bless and have a wonderful Wednesday.

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Coffee and Health

coffee-makerI love coffee a lot. I drink it pretty much all day at work and even sometimes at home. Why do I drink good coffee so much? Well, I’d be lying if I didn’t say the primary reason was addiction. Yes, I’m addicted to coffee.

Once I tried to give it up for Lent. I succeeded, but the first few days were awful. I had a splitting headache and didn’t even feel like getting out of bed. I was pretty cranky for those forty days of Lent. I went through serious withdrawal! Once Easter came, I happily went back to drinking coffee.

Now, I don’t even worry about drinking coffee. I just embrace my addiction. However, it’s not even that bad of a thing. For one, I get asked if coffee is good for you all the time. People know I’m into my health and wonder where coffee fits into all that.

But, coffee is actually healthy. As the linked article above points out, coffee mimics ADD meds and can help you focus when you need it. It also is a great source of antioxidants. And, it’s been shown in some studies to help with the prevention of diseases.

It’s also a good low calorie alternative. Just yesterday some friends went to a restaurant. They ate big meals (so did I), but when it came time for dessert, they added to the calorie load. I just had a coffee with cream and stevia. My calorie hit was around fifty. There’s was over three hundred. And, I enjoyed my coffee.

So, coffee is actually good for you and has a health benefit. Drink up and don’t feel guilty!

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The Power of Retin A

old-woman-wrinklesI’m not getting any younger. Who of us is really? However, I’m at the age when wrinkles start appearing in higher amounts than normal. And, as someone who thinks young and is health conscious, I’m not about to take it lying down!

Fortunately, there is a solution to wrinkle issues, at least fine wrinkles.  When it comes to retin a wrinkles don’t have a chance. It gets in the skin and creates greater collagen production. The decrease in collagen is a real problem with the creation of wrinkles and aging.

Sadly, you can’t just go in a store and buy retin a. It actually requires a prescription from a doctor. It’s also fairly expensive (around 50 dollars for a month supply). But, if you conserve and make it last, the fifty dollars could last you a few months.

Another downside of Retin A is that it dries out the skin. But, add a little extra moisturizing lotion to your daily routine and it’ll be fine.

Overall, I’ve had good results with Retin A and highly recommend it to anyone wanting a fairly inexpensive solution to skin problems. It sure beats botox and going under the knife. It’s also relatively inexpensive compared to those solutions.

So, call your doctor and get it today, if you want to lose the finer lines and wrinkles.

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Life Can Be A Risk

Image from

Image from

We all have comfort zones whether we can to admit it or not. I met a girl awhile back who refused to date a guy she really liked because he was a few years older. Keep in mind, she absolutely loved him but couldn’t handle something that wasn’t outside of her comfort zone!

You probably find that taking risks in life isn’t easy. In fact, it can be very, very tough. Our brains are wired to be very safe and bland. It’s called survival. But, over time, we get into ruts and patterns that are very unhelpful and lead to depression. But, fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Believe it or not, our lives can be a risk. Not a bad “lose a limb” type of risk, but a good, live life to the fullest type of risk. Taking risks in life can really be fun and make life all that much more meaningful.

Start to change your mindset today. Go out and vow to take a good risk or more each day. Start slowly. Maybe it can be talking to a person you always see at the gym but never talk to. Then, move up to greater risks with greater rewards. Maybe start that business or go on that first date with the person you really like.

What is important is that you go out and find ways to make life less bland. Risks are painful at first, but the rewards can be great. Go out and live a full life! It’s more fun, you’ll meet cooler people, and it makes everyday an adventure.

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Coming Back

It’s been awhile, but I’m going to start posting on here occasionally again, discussing my twin interests of politics and religion. I’m still going to keep it civil!

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The Worst Day of the Year?

Today, Monday January 21st, is regarded by some as the worst day of the year. I’m not surprised since the psychologist who figured this calculated a variety of factors including time since Christmas, failure of New Year’s resolutions, debt (i.e. credit card spending from Christmas comes due), weather, and a couple more. Thus, this is the worst day of the year! Woo hoo. Let’s see how my day stacks up:

Time since Christmas: I love Christmas and seeing the two people who still have decorations up made me a tad sentimental yesterday. However, I have moved on from Christmas; in fact, I’m looking forward to Lent. It’s one of the beauties of the entire Church year!

Failure of New Year’s resolution: I didn’t really make any formal resolution, except to continue working out and being healthy. I’ve kept to these.

Debt: I have a mortgage, student loan debt, and credit cards. But, I pay the cards off every month and I didn’t overspend at Christmas. As hard as it is to pay any bill, I’m ready.

Weather: I live in the snowbelt. I’m terribly sick of snow by now. This weekend we received 14 inches of snow, but I was out of town. So, I get to return to my house to some serious cold and shoveling. I am not terribly excited at the thought, but I can handle it.

So, a bad day? I’m not playing golf in 80 degree weather followed by a dinner with my family, but it’s ok!

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My Thoughts on Acetyl L-Carnitine

I am into health and fitness and have been since I was a teenager. In fact, I have taken vitamins on and off from the time I was fourteen. As an overweight teenager, I basically took matters into my own hands and read about health and fitness issues, including nutritional supplements. So, when I read about a supplement I hadn’t heard of from two sources in the same week, I’m intrigued! The supplement is Acetyl L-Carnitine, an amino acid. I can honestly say I’ve never experienced such an immediate result from taking any other supplement in my entire life. Here is my experience, both positive and negative.

I started by taking 250 mg. of Acetyl L-Carnitine the evening that it came. I immediately noticed greater mental clarity, sharper vision, and a generally elevated mood. I was able to sit down and focus enough to finish grading some papers I had been putting off for awhile. I’m not ADD by any means, but I still can be distracted. In spite of the greater focus, my sleep was lighter that night and I was somewhat restless. I figured taking it in the morning would help eliminate this, so the next morning I took 250 mg. on an empty stomach. I noticed the same benefits previously, with a little bit of restlessness thrown in. I was cruising along throughout the morning, but had a pretty big “low” in the afternoon. It came right as one of my classes was starting! Bad timing, I guess. I also experienced light sleep that night too, but this could’ve been connected to congestion, which I suffered from that day.

The next day, I modified my routine again by taking 125 mg. in the morning and 125 mg. in the late afternoon (all on an empty stomach). I still had an afternoon low and slept lightly to boot. More bad timing, I think. But, curiously, my workout that day was incredible. I got on the “virtual bike” and instead of my usual average of 220-230 watts over a 30 minute period, I was able to do 260 watts over the same period. This resulted in an additional 80 or so calories burned!

The next day, I cut my dosage to 65 mg. before breakfast and another 65 mg. or so before lunch. This removed the low and kept me going through school and my after school workout. So far, so good. During the weekend, I cut my dosage to 65 mg. one time before lunch. Once again, I noticed a nice workout boost, going from an average of 168 or so strides/minute on the elliptical machine to 175 or so strides/minute.

As it stands, I have had a great experience with Acetyl L-Carnitine, but only when I got the dosage correct. We all respond to supplements differently and even “recommended” doses can be wrong for different people. Here is the summary of my experiences:

Positive: Sharper vision, better mental clarity and more focus, huge workout boost (all at lower doses)

Negative: Restlessness, lighter/less sleep (at higher doses), some nausea (even at lower doses)

Bottom Line for Me: After I got the dosage correct, I noticed incredible benefits without the annoying side effects. Even today, my average watts on the bike were 250, which is incredible for 30 minutes after a full day of teaching. I’m definitely going to keep taking Acetyl L-Carnitine, especially on workdays and workout days. I plan on taking a break from the supplement some weekends and most holidays.

These are my experiences only. If you are interested in taking this or any supplement consult a doctor. Here is a good website on Acetyl L-Carnitine by Dr. Ray Sahelian.

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Thanks Guys!

Thanks to:

David Garrard
LaDanian Tomlinson
Maurice Jones-Drew
Santonio Holmes
Chad Johnson
Patrick Crayton
Jeremy Shockey
The San Diego Chargers Defense
Nick Folk

These are the members of my championship fantasy football team. It was a fun year and a great and needed victory.

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